SipTelecom is a SIP hosting service provider supplying iPBX telephony services. Our customers can manage Internet PBX of their own, defining SIP phone numbers in the format: sip:username@company.com

The phone numbers can be assigned to individuals, or to groups such as: sip:sales@company.com or sip:tech-support@company.com This allows the site owner to operate a full inbound Internet call center. Just put click2call type button on your web site and let your customer call your business.

You can rent phone number is any place worldwide. This phone number (DID) lets you operate at remote locations abroad and still be close to your customer.
Just check the DID availability. In the USA/Canada we have also 1-800 free toll service.

You can buy also "talk as much as you can" budget. With it you can call world-wide with very competitive rates.

SipTelecom offers programming services - you can have feature you like and phones looks like you business look-and-feel. Call us for details.

You can find here all your communication needs. (If not - contact us immediately and we will make it for you!)


New Sites
We have creted a new condo-farm portal.

You are welcome to visit: