Virtual office space - Save you commuting time

For every mile you travel, you emit 4.5 kg greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. These gasses impact the world creating 'global worming' which melts the poles glaciers and raises the water sea level.
This climate change impacts our lives.
Now you can make the difference!

Renting a virtual office space, allows you to meet people face to face, from the comfort of your home, saving you several hours of commuting time (in heavy traffic) every day.  You can save hours of valuable quality time that you can spend with your love ones. Doing so, you contribute to our effort to reduce the global worming.

Using the virtual office you can:
a. See and talk to another person over an Internet phone.
b. Chat in special text screen.
c. Work together in a shared desktop, on the joint application.
d. Conduct a secure session with others.
e. Have a dedicated conference computer for you on the Internet.

You can load the virtual office with any software you need to work with, and put relevant content on it. The virtual office is protected with SSL 128 bit encryption providing security and privacy. You have the control to allow others to enter your virtual office, and getting them out if needed.

The virtual office is composed from:
a. Conference software from SipTelecom, allowing you to conduct video conferencing.
b. Virtual server with operating system Win/XP or Linux.
c. VNC system for sharing the Virtual server desktop with others.
The virtual server is a machine that is split to several virtual machines. Each machine is rented to one owner who has the administrator password and has full control over it. Using virtual machine allow us to reduce the price tag of the virtual office space.

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