SEO: Website location in search engine results Meter Tool

This SEO measuring tool allows the user to know the location of his site in search engines: Google and Bing, regarding relevant search keywords.
(The measuring is done in the 400 first results submitted by the search engines).
Making repetitive measurement give knowledge about changes made over time.
This information is important because it indicates if the site do exists in the search engines regarding the relevant search keywords and the location in the results determine traffic will come form the search portion of the search engine:
Location    Meanings                                                                          
1-3Surfers will click on those
4-20Surfers seldom click on those results.
21→The only people clicking on your entry from those locations are people who want to sell to you.

The basic tool makes manual measurement. We consider expanding its functionality to cyclic operation. If you are interested in such functionality contact us.

We have created a whole new site for it: please go there.