Building web based businesses 

As Entrepreneurs and Software builders, we are building web sites and portals for Small to Medium businesses (SMB), [non-profit] organizations, etc.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to supply the customers a total solution for their Internet needs and have it self-maintainable.

Our building process includes:

  1. Interviews in order to get to know the business goals and the people behind it
  2. Brain storming for finding Market Niche, proper audience and marketing strategy
  3. Create the content of the site with the customer
  4. Building the site in a Content Management System (CMS) named "CityDesk" that allows changing the site easily.
  5. Potential additions: forms, surveys, Video phones, Chat, Forums
  6. Guiding the client for self-maintaining the site
  7. Potential usability survey to make optimizations for the site performance

Working with the customer as an active participant during the building process ensures that the result will be according to the customer expectations and taste. Our clients report on pleasant building processes and on satisfactory final results.

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