RTC Client API

SipTelecom has vast amount of man-years developing in the Window RTC arena.
Window RTC allows us to develop our own SIP telethon (Called "AdiPhone") in the windows enthronement. This stack is relatively mature and operating.
Using this stack has the following advantages:

  1. The DLLs are already installed in WIN-XP operating system and does not requires to insert them into the installation program. This give 0.5 MB installation size.
  2. The stack contains the hardware interfacing (Microphone and web cams), SIP, SDP, RTP protocols and allow using it with high-level API.
  3. The basic functionality works.
  4. It contains relatively good echo canceller. (Next vista versions expect to have Sound-design echo cancellers which are the best today).
  5. There are no royalties involved in developing and using this API.

Using this stack has the following drawbacks:

  1. It is documented in top level API only. Programmers sometimes does not know why their applications fails and can't fix those things.
  2. It rely on local DLL installations and need special care for "side-by-side" DLL installations.
  3. It has some weird limitations such as - when using NAT detection the whiteboard and desktop sharing are disabled.
  4. It relays on manifests that loads the proper DLL for operation.
  5. It does not operate on Vista operating system without special installation of DLL.
  6. New protocol stack is in writing process for the Vista operating system. This stack has not been released to the developer community (at the time of writing).

The mentioned drawbacks make developing using this stack very hard and time consuming for the novice developers.
During the devolvement of the AdiPhone, SipTelecom has encountered most of those difficulties and gain vast expertise in dealing with this stack.
As such we can offer significant acceleration in time-to-market when developing application using this stack. We have been offering developers rescue services when they get stacked using this stack.