JAIN-NIST SIP stack and Sip-Communicator SIP Phone (SIP UA)

Significant amount of SIP developments has been done in Java environment.
Most open source project today are using Java technology. Having JAIN-NIST SIP stack and Sip-Communicator Sip Phone makes application development Using Java rapid and straight-forward. Having the source code to look at allow developers to locate bugs in the underlining software fast and relatively easy. Having community of developers involved in developing this software gives synergy and maturity to the software developed.

SipTelecom is involved in the development community of those software and stack, and develop fast and robust applications using it.

The JAIN-NIST SIP protocol stack is developed courtesy to the American JAIN organization who funded some of the developers. It is good implementation of SIP "by the book" - declaring interfaces objects and them implementing them in Java code.

Sip-Communicator is a "phone" system that gives connectivity and Instant messaging capabilities. Beyond SIP it connects to the following systems:

  1. Jabber
  2. Icq
  3. MSN
  4. Yahoo
  5. Simple

In the future it plans to give Skype connectivity too.

The use of the above open source code allows rapid development of application in Java. SipTelecom is involved in those projects as developers.