Web Usability

The introduction of "virtual lifestyle" changes the way people spend their time. From "couch potatoes" who uses the remote control to consume TV content to "cool carrot" which uses mouse and keyboard to create, deliver and consume we content. People spend bigger and bigger portion of their physical life in the vistual environment.

When creating Internet system, the interaction between people and the Internet in general and web site in particular should be studied and optimized for high surfer satisfaction. This ensures that the system developed will have users and customers. There are lots of examples of projects that "save" on usability studies, and found upon project completion that people are not willing to use the system developed.

This is a special branch of Human-machine interfacing theory.
Web usability is accumulated  knowledge of how to study the users interaction with the web site, and how to build wen sites (and virtual environments) that people will like to be in.

Target audience:
People who operate web sites, and wants to have better site performance.
Scope: This course is from one day general introduction to 7 days in depth study.
Outcome: The participant will gain deep insights about how to make people come into their web site and stay there.

Introduction to Internet Marketing

The Internet present us with a whole new way of doing marketing. Its interactive nature allow us to interact with the audience and be more focused and successful in our marketing operations. This introductory course presents the abilities the Internet gives us, how to use them and what mistakes to avoid.
Target audience:
People who need to use the Internet for business operation.
Knowledge of what can be gained from the Internet, where to get them and how much they cost.

Web Dealer training and practice.

Building an excellent web site that generates income requires expertise from interdisciplinary professions. From HTML and CSS until marketing and advertising abilities are needed. Web Usability consideration should be used to ensure happy and repeated customers.
This course teaches people how to build a commerce site and operate it successfully.
Target audience:
People who want to become professional commerce site operator.
Knowledge and experience in building and operating commerce sites.

TCP/IP protocols stack. - From the irons till "for your eyes only".

This course teaches the Internet communication technical means from the hardware to the protocol stack and the application. Internet communication and history is presented to give the user good perspective of the way the Internet works and even future directions.
Scope: one day.
Target audience:
People who want to understand how the Internet works.

Internet telephony: (VOIP, SDP, SIP, RTC,Jabber, H323).

Internet telephone changed the world - declining the role of traditional telecom companies and converting them to Internet carriers and ISPs. Reducing the costs of telephony around the world and presented us with "two way TV". This course teaches the technologies behind it.
Scope: 2-4 days.
Target audience:
People who want to know the inside details of the protocols that are used in today telephony, and future directions.
Outcome: Knowledge of the protocols in use and ability to implement those protocols in applications.

SIP protocol internals

In-depth course of the SIP protocol internals.

4 days.

Target audience:
Programmers, engineers, software developers who need to build SIP applications.

Ability to use SIP in its fullest. Ability to solve communication problems.