iAM - Internet Auto-answering Machine

With SipTelecom's iAM, inform your Internet callers when you are not available and offer them the option to leave you voice or text messages to be sent directly to your e-mail.

Try it. Click Here to send voice e-mail (online installation required). 

If you have an iPN, you already have a default iAM for your service.

To personalize your Internet answering machine (iAM):
  1. Create an HTML page with your message text such as “You have reached and I am not available at this time. Your call is important to me. Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible”. You may add a picture of yourself or other details.
  2. Add features, such as a voice file and an option to receive voice mail. Instructions below.
  3. Upload the files to your Internet location.
  4. Setup your account to use your newlly created answering machine. You will need your iPN and password. Click to setup form: http://qms.siptele.com/admin/StaffConfigure.html

Attach a recorded voice message:

To attach a verbal message, use the voicemail control, record your message, and send it to your e-mail address.

  1. Save the file in the name “Answering.wav
  2. Add (copy & paste) the following source code to your iAM html page:
    <BGSOUND src=”Answering.wav”>
  3. Upload this file to the same location of your iAM html page
  4. Copy & paste the following source code to your HTML page:

    Edit the green items:

    <OBJECT ID="VoiceMail" WIDTH=237 HEIGHT=104 
    <PARAM NAME="To" VALUE="your@email.address.com"> 
    <PARAM NAME="Subject" VALUE="A caller left you a message"> 
    <PARAM NAME="maxRecordTime" VALUE=120>

    (*** maxRecordTime is maximal allowed time for recorded message in seconds ***)
  5. Upload this file to the same location as your iAM HTML page

You have an iAM – Internet Answering Machine. It's practical, easy and free.