Private label Sip Phone / Private Brand SIP iPBX System

Designated to: Portals, Commercial web sites, forums, blogs  
Each of these web sites can be enhanced with our system to allow their users and customers interact over the Internet.

Using our Sip Phone users can:
  1. Talk with each other and salespersons over the web.
  2. See each other.
  3. Work collaborate over one desktop during the conversation.
  4. Close deals.
  5. Operate an Internet inbound call center.
  6. Have performance reporting and CRM system linkage.

A Sip Phone like our AdiPhone can be private labeled according to your site look and feel.

A VOIP iPBX system can be developed and customized as a communication system in your site and tailored according  your needs. You can have your own branded communication system interfaced to data bases and CRM system.

The cost starts at $10,000. For further details, mail or call us.

Below you can see a custom made project we have created for KA-CHING technology:

Picture of Sip Telephone made for customer look & feel