AdiPhone - SIP Soft Phone

SipTelecom's AdiPhone is SIP softPhone for the Microsoft WINDOWS environment. It allows you to accept calls from your web site and Email message, from prospective customers.
During the conversation you can:

  • See and be seen.
  • Talk to each other
  • Work collaborate with your peer on a shared desktop.

The AdiPhone contains echo canceling mechanism and vocal setup wizard for superb conversation experience. It effectively lets you conduct face to face work collaboration meetings from your office or home, whiteout the need to "joining the traffic". For more information read the user manual .

Click here to download. You can save it to a disk and run the installation, or open it from the current location.

After the installation, AdiPhone program icon will appear on your task bar. On first initiation, a setup screen will appear. Click on the "Get free iPN" button in the setup menu.
A browser page will be opened with a short form asking you for basic details for your free, private Internet Phone Number account. After successful submission, a private iPN will be generated for you.

Put your iPN in your e-mail signature file and on your web page. People can call you by clicking on your iPN. If you are not on-line, an answering machine will allow the caller to leave a voice or text message.

To call others, you can click on "" link or click on the AdiPhone tray icon, select "call" and enter the desired SIP address.

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