About SipTelecom

SipTelecom is a small ISV (Independent Software Vendor) creating software for delivering Technology-Enabled Service (TES) Telephony services over the Intrernet. We have four members on our team. As a small ISV we are very efficient and focused making services and products that gives added value to SMBs at the Internet.

We have developed our own SIP iPBX, and AdiPhone SIP softphone. With these tools site owners can accept calls from their web site and make sales conversations.

SipTelecom is a hosted SIP service provider company providing high-quality communication services in the SIP and HTTP formats. One of a small number of companies offering SIP hosting, our services include Internet PBX (iPBX) hosting for businesses operating in the Internet; free SIP phone numbers for Netizens and an e-commerce phone system for web site owners.

These revolutionary, business-oriented services allow businesses to operate call centers over the Internet 24/7, enhance intranet and extranet communication and significantly reduce telecommunications costs.